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Born in South Boston, Massachusetts, Ken at age 4, and his family moved to the nearby town of Quincy.  He spent his younger years heavily engaged in sports, excelling at baseball, basketball, and football. As a high school freshman, Ken was captivated by a course in Latin.  He found a real passion for foreign languages and cultures.  Over the next four years, he took classes in Latin, French, and Spanish.  A senior year course in American Foreign Policy piqued Ken's interest in U.S. - Soviet relations.  The unprecedented changes occurring in the U.S.S.R. as Ken entered college in the mid-1980s, drove him to study the Russian language.   

After several years traveling in the former Soviet Union, Ken returned to school for his MBA, followed by a long career as a business executive. He worked and traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, and India. Ken paused his business career after the 9/11 attacks to serve as a Military Intelligence officer in Iraq.


When not working or writing, Ken spends his time learning a new language (he is currently adding Italian to Russian, French, and German) or enjoying a fascinating book. Wind of Change is Mr. Maher’s first book and describes his youthful impressions of Russia struggling to emerge from the USSR’s collapse.

Ken Maher

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