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White Noise on Black Background


"An account of an open-minded, well-intentioned, enthusiastic, and somewhat wide-eyed young American of his experiences in post-Soviet Russia. Ken’s keen observations of the environment during his travels is remarkable. He memorized and meticulously documented the settings he found himself in, conversations, and even details of the wardrobe and behaviors of people with whom he interacted. The wind of change ... is retreating given the latest developments in Putin’s Russia."

Dr. Gannady Raskin, 

Executive Director, Medical Education Readiness Program

Adtalem Global Education

"Ken demonstrates his mastery of storytelling as he weaves together fascinating personalities, strange and amusing incidents, and big questions about history, culture, and cultural clashes. Each chapter offers fresh insight on life and business in Russia in the early 1990s, while delighting the reader with captivating characters and new adventures. I found the book hard to put down, as I not only thoroughly enjoyed reading it, but found that its insight couldn't be more timely.  Highly recommend."

Dr. Carolyn Perry

Professor of English

Westminster College (MO)

"The principal strength I see is the writer’s ability to create scenes that tell the story and to present those scenes from the perspective of the wide-eyed narrator—his younger self. This isn’t a dry, objective type of non-fiction. It has qualities that make me think of a good movie, often a somewhat comic one."   

Doug Hunt,

Professor Emeritus, University of Missouri,

Award-winning Essayist

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