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Armed with youthful optimism, a degree in Russian Area Studies, and a desire to contribute to post-Cold War Russian/American relations, Kenneth Maher thought he’d landed his dream job when he joined a US company in unraveling former Communist Russia. Despite his best intentions, he may have gotten just a bit more than he’d bargained for. 


Wind of Change is a keenly observed, insightful, and wry outsider’s look at a nation and people in transition and the systems that wield the power, but not the appetite, for progress. Illuminating the communication and cultural breakdowns —from the comical and harrowing—alongside a memorable cast of characters, Maher takes his readers on an unforgettable journey through the Soviet Union and back again.  


With astute cultural and political insights and a healthy dose of humor, Wind of Change delivers a front-row seat to the post-Soviet breakdown that foreshadowed Russia’s return to authoritarianism. 

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"Wind of Change takes the reader on a remarkable, adventure-packed odyssey in Russia that involves liquor-fueled business meetings, memorable food experiences, and daunting encounters with Russian law enforcement personnel and skeptics of Americans. The book also provides important information on the most effective ways to approach international business collaborations involving countries in the early stages of switching from socialism to capitalism. An intriguing read with several unforgettable scenes, it will challenge readers to think more critically about international relations and world governments."

Foluso Falaye

San Francisco Book Review

"Wind of Change relates Maher’s remarkable two-year odyssey across a country in the throes of immense change, a journey that saw him attempt to forge ties between Russian and American businesses during a time when both sides were still deeply suspicious of each other. Maher offers a uniquely American perspective concerning the situation on the ground and so elucidates experiences of the upheaval in Russian life, rarely to be found in mainstream accounts of the early years following the collapse of communism. An enlightening addition to the literature on post-Soviet life and the rapidly changing nature of US-Russia relations, Wind of Change details Maher’s fascination with the Russian people and culture, and in doing so, ignites the interest of readers in learning more about all things Russian."   

Erin Britton,

Manhattan Book Review

Media Coverage

Inside the War Room Podcast

Host Ryan Ray interviews author Kenneth Maher about his new book, Wind of Change: An American Journey in Post-Soviet Russia.

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Windy City Reviews

T. L. Needham describes Wind of Change: An American Journey in Post-Soviet Russia.  Mr. Needham points out the importance of the book for modern times.

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Shepherd Express

David Luhrssen reviews Wind of Change: An American Journey in Post-Soviet Russia.  Mr. Luhrssen underscores how the book highlights the impact of the Western naivete towards Russia's transition from Communism in the 1990s contributed to the country's failure to embrace democracy. 

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